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Review: The Lord Binning

Review: The Lord Binning

With a whole new look and menu for the season, The Lord Binning is overflowing with Christmas spirit and delicious dining...

A big fan of all things Christmas, it was a delight to see the New Moon's recently refurbished gastropub, The Lord Binning, joining in with the festive spirit as we paid them a visit this week to sample their new menu and have a look around. Greeted with happy smiles from the staff, large luxury wreaths, and a gorgeous floor to ceiling Christmas tree, we knew we were off to a good start as we entered.

Christmas at the Lord Binning

A long time coming, the 60,000 refurbishment has transformed The Lord Binning into the ideal dining experience for couples, friends, families and large groups, offering a cosy and relaxed atmosphere to unwind and put the world to right. Infamous for supporting local suppliers, the new menu to accompany the new interiors certainly had something to offer every type of appetite. From gastro dining to comfort food, the menu boasted a wide selection of dishes leaving us spoilt for choice.

Deep Fried Brie with Sour Grape Chutney

To start, a big lover of cheese, the other half was instantly drawn to the deep fried Brie served with sour grape chutney which tasted every bit as delightful as it sounds. As a woman it is our right to pinch from their plate however there was no sharing when it came to my Duck Orange Parfait which had my taste buds dancing with the kick of the orange and the sumptuous duck pate.

Grilled Tandoori Salmon 

Big fishy fans, our mains consisted of Grilled Tandoori Salmon Fillet and Seared Tuna Fillet. After living in Asia for a substantial amount of time, the only way to have my tuna was pink and it was divine. Fresh, cooked to perfection and not a bite left on the plate. Our waitress could not be more helpful, service with a smile and nothing too much trouble.

Seared tuna steak on a bed of rice

It is hard to remember the last time I had three courses, something which my gym trainer strongly recommends avoiding, however how can you turn down a triple chocolate brownie once in a while? It was worth every bite rich, chocolatey, moorish and definitely not for sharing, unlike the smooth and rich creme brle with the light and crumbly handmade shortbread biscuit! 

Made for melting hearts and taste buds - chocolate brownie

Each course simply magnified their ethos of fresh, local ingredients with each dish uniquely prepared and dished up as a treat for both the eyes and the stomach.

Not missing anyone out, 'The Little People's' exclusive menu offers all the favourites including pasta, real nuggets and a Mini Burger with definitely NO gherkin and only 'Proper Chips' for your little angels.

Chillax on a Sunday afternoon by the fire

Personally, we could not recommend The Lord Binning enough, whether for a special occasion or simply an evening to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy day in the office. With the other half of the pub still to explore offering comfortable sofas to relax and unwind on and a gin menu that I've not even started on, we certainly will be returning soon. Perhaps with two more people so we can make a start on the famous Rushton Grill serving up a meaty treat of T-bone steaks, gammon, sausages, beef ribs and chicken breasts or perhaps we will let you be the judge of that one but don't forget to send us a review!

Review by Louise Davenport

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