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Review: Elite Pro Personal Training

Review: Elite Pro Personal Training

As a dedicated gym bunny I have to confess it's never crossed my mind to consider training outdoors, so when the opportunity of a personal training session with Ainslee Shafto came along - I was intrigued to try it out!

Ainslee is the founder and owner of Cheshire based business Elite Pro - and over the years he's honed the body of many a top athlete and celebrity not only in Cheshire but overseas throughout Europe and the US too.

He offers functional training (otherwise known as the full body approach) and has an impressive list of specialist qualifications and expertise that (here goes) includes…

Poliquin BioSignature Practitioner (on spot fat reduction), NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (strength and conditioning) Master Kettlebell Training, VIPR Vitality Performance Reconditioning, Boxing training, TRX Suspension Training (core training) and Lower back pain Specialist Exercise (LBP).

He can also train you for specific goals such as marathon training and has extensive knowledge of nutrition. I think it's fair to say you'd be hard pressed to find all this on offer under the roof of your local health club!

I first met Ainslee at The Moor in Knutsford one mid week evening when he came over for a one-off free outdoor fitness class for a small group of us. It was a chilly damp evening and I have to admit I wasn't really in the mood for a work out – but Ainslee is so positive and sunny I soon got into the swing of it and came away, an hour later feeling really positive and refreshed.

Given his impressive credentials what really strikes me about Ainslee is how down to earth and approachable he is. As well as being very driven, hugely motivated – not only for his clients but his own fitness, he instantly puts you at ease.

The free fitness session was a general circuits class so it was pretty straight forward and a bit of fun, so on the back of that I booked in for a couple of Personal Training sessions with Ainslee to see what a 1-1 would be like as opposed to going to the gym.

Ainslee covers Knutsford, Alderley Edge, Hale, Wilmslow and Altrincham and will either train you at your own house, or outside in your local park. My first thought was – what about the weather? However, Ainslee says even in winter – there's rarely been a time it's so bad that you can't get outside. And anyway lets face it - if you are training properly you should warm up in no time!!

Depending on what your personal goals are, whether it's to increase your general fitness, train for a marathon, lose weight or get bikini ready – Ainslee is definitely going to be able to come up with the right programme for you. He can measure your BMI and blind you with science if you want to get really serious about health, nutrition and fitness – but the beauty of it is, it's all down to you and what you want to achieve.

I was keen to learn new exercises that I wasn't doing in the gym, and to get some general advice from Ainslee how working out outside could improve my fitness.

The one thing that immediately struck me on working out in the park was how it improves your mood – it gave me a real lift to be out in the fresh air. I was also unsure if I would be able to get the right training minus all the usual gym equipment but most of what Ainslee brings along with him is transferable – and some of it is as simple as running around getting some fresh air into the lungs!

He brings along his own equipment such as boxing gloves, Ropes, TRX and kettle bells – so all you need to bring along is your water bottle and training shoes.

I thought I might feel self conscious working out outside with dog walkers and the general public all buzzing past, but to be honest it really didn't bother me, I was just enjoying the moment being in 'the zone'!

Ainslee took me through a couple of circuits for upper arm toning and general cardio and was very patient showing me how to do the exercises properly. In particular I really enjoyed learning the basic boxing techniques – it was just a totally different experience than being in the gym and I was impressed how much flexibility there is, working out in the park there's loads of different stuff you can do!

To get the most of out of Ainslee's training, a block booking of around 10 sessions is advisable (say one a week) and initially Ainslee will ask you what your goals are so he can come up with a unique programme for your own requirements.

Considering Ainslee's expertise I believe his PT training offers fantastic value for money. How many of us sign up for expensive gym memberships never to use them after the first month? A weekly personal training session with Ainslee lifts the body and mind – I can vouch for that, so if you want to shake up your fitness routine Cheshire – book Ainslee!

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Review by Jo Clarke

Dates: Elite Pro Personal Training can be booked: Mon to Fri 6am to 7pm, Sat to Sun 10am to 1pm
Tel: 07715 393 333
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