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Wines To Celebrate With!

Wines To Celebrate With!

From winter warming reds to delightful dessert wines, read on for Johannah's must haves to make this season full of cheer!

With New Years Eve fast approaching, it's a good idea to start planning your menus, and of course that also means carefully selecting your wines to compliment your festive feasts and celebrations.

But with such a daunting selection to choose from in most supermarkets, and an array of social events and food types to throw in the mix, it's not always easy to know what to buy.

It's also useful to have a few food and wine pairing options to hand and in case you have some unexpected visitors in the holidays - how lovely to start the day with some bubbles at at breakfast, and linger over light whites with left over turkey and chutney. And don't forget to try one of these delicious dessert wines to enjoy with your pudding - or a ripe Stilton if you've any room left after dinner.

For everything from fantastic fizz to a dry white, or from winter warming reds to delightful dessert wines - read on for Johannah's must haves in your wine cellar this season.

Seasonal Sparkle!

AOC Vouvray Brut: Domaine de la Galiniere Cuveé Clément Brut 2008 is a delicate sparkling wine made from 100% Chenin Blanc. Fruity, dry and well balanced, perfect with smoked salmon.

AOC Crément de Limoux: Antech-Limoux, "Grande Cuveé Antech" 2011, a blend of Chardonnay, Chenin and Mauzac. Bright and gentle bubbles, creamy with notes of honey & brioche.Just chill & enjoy.

Cuveé Clément Brut £18.69 Grande Cuveé Antech 2011 - £16.45

Wintery Whites!

Languedoc Roussillon Pays d'OC: Chateau de L'Engarran, "Adélys" 2013, 100% Sauvignon Blanc, sophisticated fresh fruits, richly balanced with gentle ageing. Perfect partner for creamy sauce dishes.

IGP Côtes Catalanes: Domaine Modat "Les Lucioles" which means "fireflies", is picked at night under the light of car head lights. Roussane, Viognier, grey Grenache and white Carignan. Fresh, dense and bright, with a lemony finish. Amazing with grilled fish, or a ham joint & chutney.

Adélys 2013 - £19.89

Ruby Reds

AOC St Chinian - Grande Cru: Award winning Clos Bagatelle, "La Terre de mon Perre" 2010 means "the land of my Father". Syrah, Mounvedre and Grenache give heady red fruits with soft, silky tannins and delicate a spice - a real show stopper and an equal for any dinner.

AOP Grés de Montpellier, Coteaux du Languedoc: Domaine de La Coste-Moynier, "Grés de Montpellier" 2011. A great character, generous, with rich cherry flavours and full bodied - delicious with dry goats cheese and cherry compote.

Terre de mon Perre £26.69

Delicious Desserts!

Vin doux naturel Muscat: Clos Bagatelle, "Bagtelle" St Jean de Minervois 2011. Scents of bergamot orange with delicate almond and peach. Fabulous with marzipan or dark chocolate indulgences.

Muscat Petits Grains: Domaine Castan, "Pluie de bulles" means "rainfall of tears". Fresh lemons and exotic lychee flavours - delicious with cake or even as an aperitif!

St Jean de Minervois £16.25 Pluie de bulles - £17.69

Written by Johannah Aston-Sykes - Proprietor, Dusty Road Wines

For more information on Dusty Road Wines visit the website here: Dusty Road Wines

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