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Boots launch a personalised skin care service

Boots launch a personalised skin care service

An exciting development is occuring at Boots: IOMA, the results-driven, pioneering beauty line created by scientist Jean Michel Karam, is about to launch a personalised skin consultation service in the high street chemist.

This is an incredible feat for Boots given that the range launched exclusively at top department store Harrods.

IOMA Skin code
Ioma at Harrods

The brand is renowned for its super scientific anti-ageing formulas and tailored approach - you get the best product combination for your skin. This is evaluated via a 4D biometric scan that detects the seven major skin imperfections and reveals your personal IOMA skin code.

The latest product from IOMA is a beautifully smooth cream called Ma Crème, which comes in two formulas - lightweight for day (Ma Crème Day) and regenerating for night (Ma Crème Night).

You can select the one that suits you and then add one or two of your own serums (from a choice of eight) to tailor the prescription...

  • La Crème Day and La Crème Night, £149.

by  Kate Shapland

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