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Top Interior Trends for 2017

Top Interior Trends for 2017

If you are looking into redecorating, or to just freshen up your home and wondering what's new in 2017, let's have a sneak preview at the latest trends for our homes...

According to design and colour experts, 2017 is all about shades of green making your home feel refreshed and revitalised - it gives a sense of fresh beginnings and works well with other organic textures too. It's also all about maximising your living space utilising tucked away furniture and pull up appliances with modern innovated designs showing a strong influence this year...

1. Fifty Shades of Green

From pale lime green to traditional olive green or rich emerald; all shades of green work throughout the home with the right combination to create an eye-catching design.

There are many ways of adding shades of green into your home this year; whether it's by introducing a feature painted wall or covering a wall with patterned greenery wallpaper. Try a geometric green rug, which will instantly transform your room by adding a large dose of trendy zest. However, a much easier and more affordable approach is to simply add a few accessories such as a vase, scatter cushions, artisan jug or botanical plants as a colourful centrepiece.

2. Open Concept Space

Open, communal living spaces continue to gain popularity. Living space where friends and families gather to eat, catch up over a coffee, work from home, entertain and even area for guests to sleep, which makes it perfect for this centuries lifestyle.

Removing walls and opening up space can optimise the flow of the room both in its people traffic flow and its "Feng Shui". Designers are now looking at even more ways to preserve and optimise space by introducing fold-up rooms and tucked away appliances as part of the design.

More than just another minimalist transforming interior design, this kitchen comes complete with not only the standard dishwasher, refrigerator and gas stove but also with steam and standard ovens, a food warming drawer and miniature wine cellar.

Every aspect of this design by Giorgio Armani is cool, crisp, modular, modern and impressive in its own right a first impression only enhanced when you realize that it can disappear entirely when not in use.

3. Mixing Modern & Traditional

Skilled and unique artisan-crafted furniture will continue to make a statement in 2017. You will see a trend for incorporating antique and vintage pieces more into modern designs, creating beautiful, layered settings. For example, why not try pairing a traditional table with modern chairs.

4. The Bronze Age

Bronze gives a sense of warm and complements countless decorating styles. With the help of quirky light and accessories such as vase, table lamp or decorative bowl, it's simple to introduce bronze features into your room design.

Marble and Brass Combinations are also strong this year with their natural and clean appeal combined with industrial form for a more glamorous look; prefect design for powder room, bathroom and kitchen.

5. Take a Leaf

Tropical leaf prints will continue to appear in wallpaper and designer fabrics, but don't worry if it's not your cup of tea, use scatter cushions to boost the trendy pattern at home; works best on a plain sofa.

Butterflies are appearing everywhere this year, not just in children's bedrooms, but all around the home. Who doesn't love butterflies, I certainly do! 

6. Hot Terracotta

This must be one of hottest interior trends coming back this year and with its distinct colour and warmth from the baked clay, it's perfect for beautiful decorative pieces. Its available in many different forms, which promotes it's flexibility of choice in design.

Terracotta is currently been used in the design and construction of various products, such as small furniture pieces, feature walls, cladding fireplace, homewares and accessories, and matches beautifully with earthy, bright tones of green.

7. Reclaimed Wood

Rustic and reclaimed wood is a major surface trend but choosing the right reclaimed wood is important. Reclaimed wood can come from a variety of sources such as shipping pallets, boats, barns, sheds, mills, commercial structures and even your home if you're renovating; try architectural salvage yards too.

It's a cheaper alternative to natural wood and requires less maintenance; perfect for an accent wall in the bedroom and living space, or flooring in kitchen, hallway, etc. It's use in wood furniture has also seen an increase in popularity.

For more information about interior design and bespoke design services visit: Charisma Interior Design

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