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Lynette Page launches New Skin Care Line

Lynette Page launches New Skin Care Line

At an exclusive launch party at her Knutsford makeup bar, Lynette Page unveiled her new collection of Skin Care to compliment her already successful range of specially formulated make up... 

Guests were invited to enjoy fizz and canapés provided by Gusto Restaurant & Bar, along with shopping opportunities from jewellery designer Kiki.Minchin, clothes from Love That Look and mini treatments from Reviv Knutsford. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star, Magali Gorré and her husband Dean, made an entrance in true celebrity style in a Rolls Royce Ghost courtesy of Rolls Royce Manchester.  

Magali & Dean Gorré, Lynette Page and Stefanie Meachin, Gusto

Each guest was presented with a goody bag to take home and invited to join the team for after-party drinks at the recently opened Bronx Bar and Pizzetta in Knutsford.  

Lynette offered 15% of all sales on the evening to be donated to Claire House Children's Hospice who offer care, support and choice to families whose children won't live to be adults.

  "What a fantastic evening it was, thank you to everyone who joined us to create awareness for this amazing charity," said Lynette Page, owner.

Something for everyone at the launch party

Shop Cheshire managed to find some time to chat to Lynette about her new skin care collection and how it fits with the makeup range she has already created...

You already have a successful makeup range, but what inspired you to create a skin care range?

There was always going to be a skincare range - the two need each other as skin can't perform with just a foundation - it needs an overlay of smoothness.

What's in the skin care range?

With the range I've created it's an easy to follow system named 'Prep - Preen - Perfect'. Firstly, remove buildup and remnants of make-up with gentle alcohol free 'Lights Out MakeUp Remover' if in the evening, cleanse the whole face with pH balanced 'Purifying Cleansing Milk', then hydrate and balance the skin with pH balanced 'Skin Drench Calming Water'.  Both the Purifying Cleansing Milk and Skin Drench Calming Water contain Arnica which helps reduce the appearance of redness and calms skin irritation. 

To help with circulation and reduce dark circles around the eyes, I have created 'Nourishing Eye Balm', and to instantly replenish dry and sensitive skin there is the 'Nourishing Moisture Creme'.  To finish off and 'perfect' your look, use the make-up setting mist - 'Perfecting Mist' - which is flying off of the shelves - and is a mineral complex fine mist that's sprayed after you've applied your make-up. It's the cherry on top of the whole 'Prep - Preen - Perfect' system and you'll find you don't have to touch up make-up throughout the day or evening.

'Prep - Preen - Perfect' System by Lynette Page

How do they work with the make up range?

The two work together perfectly; our Nourishing Moisture Creme and Eye Balm have almost a primer like feel with a protective moisture barrier once applied. They both create a veil of moisture between your skin and your makeup giving your foundation base the perfect condition to last longer.

How did you come up with the formulation of the new range?

I'm extremely proud of this formulation because it marries two sectors of the beauty world together. It provides the perfect conditions to prolong make-up and it also helps to heal and calm from tweezing, waxing, peels, microdermabrasion and is perfect for post operative skin. The whole range is infused with Arnica which is a herb with natural healing properties. Arnica is used to reduce irritation and speed up the healing process of damaged skin. It's so gentle yet effective and a must post surgery.

What was the most important thing you wanted to achieve with the new skin care range?

I'm a huge believer of being mindful of what you put onto and into your skin - my cosmetics contain no parabens or sulphates, the same with my skincare. There's no alcohol or fragrance added. I care for the environment and the range has no outer packaging because we just discard it, and let's face it there's enough trash from our groceries! Everything has internal sealing and once opened it disappears.

How has it been received so far by your clients?

My clients are fantastic and they know about new things I'm working on pretty much from the start, I keep every one of them in the loop with regular newsletters so when it came to launching it, I'd nearly sold out with pre-orders from them! The fact that one of my regular clients is Cheshire Housewife star Magali Gorré speaks volumes for me, with Magali's taste for the finer things in life it was a no brainer really!

Guests enjoying Gusto canapés and fizz 

The feedback is astounding, and I can see the changes when as I'm applying my clients make-up too. Skin is firm, less red and they're reporting that there's less touch ups.

What's next for the Lynette Page range?

I have a fantastic team behind me who are always developing new formula's so there's always new products emerging. For the makeup bar, we've just introduced our 'Mini Bar' service where you can book hair and makeup at home or your hotel. It's a fab addition to our services and is being very well recieved by our beautiful Cheshire ladies.

For more information on makeup, hair or training, or to book, visit: Lynette Page 
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