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Melanoma UK launches new Skin Safety Message

Melanoma UK launches new Skin Safety Message

When Claire Dale lost her mum Irene Parker in 2014 to the deadliest form of skin cancer, Melanoma she turned a family tragedy into a positive awareness campaign to help others...

As a healthy mum and grandmother, her mum enjoyed working out in the gym, skiing, sailing, and was rarely ill.

But while she was on a sailing holiday in 2006, her twin sister Elizabeth noticed a mole on her side, just below her rib cage and urged her to have it checked.

A few weeks later Irene went to the doctors and tests showed she had Melanoma. After an operation to remove a centimetre long mole, Irene returned to her previous good health.;She had regular checks for the following three years that showed no sign of the cancer returning.

But in 2012 after experiencing a persistent cough, tumours were found in her lungs, abdomen and liver. Irene had stage iv Melanoma. She went immediately onto a clinical trial which had an immediate positive affect and continued to shrink the tumours for 18 months. Irene appeared healthy and strong throughout her treatment but eventually Melanoma spread to her brain and she sadly passed away with her family at her side on New Year's Eve 2014.

Claire and her Mum

The Irene Parker Skin Safety Message

Now her daughter Claire, who lives in Alderley Edge is working with Melanoma UK which is the leading patient support group in the UK founded by Gillian Nuttall. Claire is asking all those working in the health and beauty industry to be aware of any changes in their clients' skin, and to encourage them to have them checked by their doctor.

Gillian Nuttall at Melanoma UK helped her to compile the Irene Parker Skin Safety Message which Claire is now taking out to the industry and training staff at gyms, hairdressers, beauticians and physiotherapists. They are also working in partnership with Skin Vision which has designed an App to help people track the changes in their moles in order to visit their dermatologist and GP with more accurate details of any changes.

Gillian said: "This training programme fits with the Government's 2020 Skin Cancer Vision which looks to make positive steps in skin cancer. One vital issue that has been identified is how to improve early detection of melanoma. I believe our awareness programme can make a huge difference."

Claire, 38, explained: "Mum was so fit and healthy. She loved going to the gym and was a regular visitor to her beautician. It made me think that if people working in the health and fitness and beauty industry were more aware, maybe they could help save lives. I thought it was a fitting legacy for mum.

"The message I want to put across to health and beauty professionals is get to know your clients skin, make them aware of the importance of regular skin checks and encourage clients to be sun safe and know their own skin too".

Are you a health and beauty professional?

Get in touch with Claire for more information

Follow Claire's Campaign on Twitter @clairedale

Cover Image: Photo by Tony Ioannides

Tel: 0808 171 2455
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