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Heaven Scent in Knutsford

Heaven Scent in Knutsford

In true Italian style, Enzo Galardi - one of the top 'perfume noses' in the world - launched his new Olfattology collection exclusively at a sparkling evening in Knutsford that excited all the senses...

In yet another first for Peter Murray and Pulse of Perfumery, the founder of perfume brand Bois 1920 - Enzo Galardi has chosen the exclusive perfume shop to launch his new collection 'Olfattology' and flew in from Florence especially to mark the occasion.

Guests joined Enzo and Peter at the sparkling 'Senso d'Italia' launch event held at the Vermilion Gallery in Knutsford, owned by artist James Blinkhorn, to celebrate the new collection of 8 fragrances alongside all things Italian - fine Italian wines, canapés and Italian inspired art providing guests with a real taste of Italy.

Guests enjoying all things Italian at Vermilion Gallery

Commenting on the exclusive launch Peter said, 'I have long been an admirer of Enzo and the BOIS 1920 fragrances, even travelling to Florence several years ago to meet him in person. Since then our relationship has grown and I'm incredibly proud & honoured that Enzo has not only chosen to launch this range exclusively at POP, but that he's flown over especially to be here. '

Enzo Galardi and Peter Murray at the launch

Shop Cheshire caught up with Enzo at Pulse Of Perfumery prior to the official launch for an exclusive insight into the new Olfattology collection and what inspires him...

When did your passion for fragrance begin?

It was my grandfather, also a perfumer, who inspired me to create my own fragrances following his search for the perfect fragrance back in 1920.  I used to visit many perfume shops in Italy as a young man and, encouraged by my family and my own passion, I opened my own small perfume shop in Italy 35 years ago - and today now my fragrances are sold in over 40 countries worldwide! 

How do you create a new fragrance?

I believe a great fragrance is created in the mind and heart - not with the nose. I don't create fragrances the usual way - I close my eyes and create them in my mind based on my memories and imagination. I smell something in my mind that brings back memories, reminds me of places, people and feelings - things that are very important to me. It's an emotional journey creating a fragrance for me. 

Describe the first fragrance you ever created…

My first fragrance was very simple - I used Pachouli at lot which is a 'happy scent' for me. Later fragrances I have created are more complex from the top notes, through the heart and into the dry down - there are many combinations all of which come from my head - my emotions, my life journey, nostalgia and phases in my life.

What was the first fragrance you ever bought?

'Eau Savage' - the complete opposite of what I create now!

Which is your favourite fragrance from your range - BOIS 1920?

BOIS 1920 'Oro' - it reminds me of an exclusive gentleman's club - of whiskey, leather, smokey, wood, elegant and serious - it has lots of layers created with a complex mix of scents.  

The new Olfattology Collection from Enzo Galardi

There are 8 Fragrances in the new range - talk us through your inspiration behind them...

The main six essences of the Olfattology line are named after rivers - I believe in the vital force of water, individuating in its incessant flow as a metaphor of our lives. We are like rivers that run unbridled towards the sea, with all of our life force and capacity to energetically overcome any sudden obstacles. Rivers that are the nourishment of our creativity, ideal cradle of civilisation.  So I have named them:  Iténz, Kasai, Paranà, Sagami, Tamagi, Yacuma. The two remaining - OT.23 and OT.11 - celebrate two important moments in my life but I'm a private person so I will leave that to the imagination of those using the scent! 

Are there separate fragrances for men and women?

No - I have never made the distinction between mens and womens scents. My ranges have been created for both men and women - because when we smell them, they mean different things to each of us - it's a mental journey we go on with the fragrance in our own minds and as the fragrance evolves once on - memories you may have from childhood, a phase in your life - and they each mean something different to each of us. 

Aside from your passion for creating fragrances, what else are you passionate about?

That's easy - cars! Fast sports cars - the lower and faster the better!

The new Olfattology collection, as well as the wider BOIS 1920 range, are all available at: Pulse of Perfumery

Image credits: Jonathan Farber 

Venue: Pulse of Perfumery, Knutsford
Tel: 01565 755650
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