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Raising Pulses at Carden Park

Raising Pulses at Carden Park

Fitness fans and health experts alike got a bit hot under the collar at Carden Park last week as they welcomed US fitness expert & health guru, Jessie Pavelka. 

Jessie - the star of Sky TV's 'Fat, the fight of my life' and 'Obese: a year to save my life' - took the visitors through their paces in the stunning surroundings of the 4 star luxury resort. Several attendees at the event had recently overcome severe illness and extensive hospital treatment and so valued exercise and nutrition as a vital part of their recovery.

Jessie with Jill Tipping (seated) and the team at Carden Park

Those involved in the 2 day retreat were treated to a high-energy, fun workout for people of all fitness levels among the woodlands on the 1000 acre estate, as well as an exclusive Q&A session with the fitness star. Carden Park's award-winning catering team, including Head Chef Graham Tinsley MBE, then provided a healthy and nutritious evening meal for guests at the 17th within the Redmond's Restaurant and have added a series of Jessie approved dishes to their menu for those wanting a healthy option in the future.

Jessie putting the team through their paces!

Jessie highlighted the importance of nutrition and emotional well-being as part of a healthy lifestyle and discussed his four elements of health; Movement, Food, Mind Power and Family.  "Don't just focus on weight loss," he said, "instead look at the bigger picture and aim to feel better and overcome your own obstacles. It's so important to connect to those positive changes and to keep evaluating your progress.

Shop Cheshire managed to catch up with Jessie for a few moments between sessions to chat to him…

What advice would you give to people on finding success in both their business and personal life? 

Here it is: fall in love with something, commit to it, be passionate about it, and never give up on what you love - because you are going to question yourself in anything you do at some point - and be compassionate with the people who work with you and for you on it. I fell in love with working with and helping people - I'm also the ambassador for the UK charity HOOP (Helping Overcome Obesity Problems) - so it was kind of effortless for me in that respect.

Where are you next on your UK Tour?

I'm going to Coventry and then to Snowdon for a Pavelka event Jill and I have put together. I love the outdoors, and if you can get people re-conncted with nature and get them hiking and moving you open their minds up to living through their bodies in a bigger way than just the gym, which can feel claustrophobic and scary to some people. So our events throughout the year aim to get people together, learn from each other and their bodies and this is what the Snowdon climb is all about!

What's next for Jessie Pavelka?

I've got some exciting things in the pipeline with ITV in the UK, and NBC in the US, as well as a book coming out in early 2016. It's a holistic approach to living well and focuses on the four elements of Pavelka - 'Movement, Food, Mind Power, Family' - but it's a bit different to what we do on the ground, so it'll be: 'Eat, Sweat, Think, Connect' - which I'm really excited about.

What would you be if you weren't a fitness guru?

That's easy…a rock and roll singer!

This is the first time this retreat has been brought to Carden Park and the team behind the event, Ledigo PR, based in Cheshire, and Pavelka Ltd, run by Jessie Pavelka and his business partner Jill Tipping, Ledigo PR, are keen to return to the luxury resort in Cheshire in the future.

"The setting of Carden Park has really made this event for us, being able to work out next to the lake on this country estate was idyllic. The Carden team have been so professional and a pleasure to work with, in fact nothing has been too much trouble."

The stunning views over the golf course lake.

Carden Park have a series of fitness and retreat style events planned for 2015/16 in their new look facilities - including all public areas of reception, the Morgan's Bar and lounge area as well as new spa facilities as part of their £4 million refurbishment programme. 

For more details on Jessie Pavelka please visit: The Pavelka House

For more details on Carden park and their programme of events visit: Carden Park

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