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Review: Lynette Page Make Up Artistry

Review: Lynette Page Make Up Artistry

If you're like me and have lived with the same battered make up bag and products you've had for years, then being invited for a make over at Lynette Page in Knutsford filled me with both excitement and dread!

Having never had my make up done professionally before, let alone walked through every stage of the process, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Would I be told off for using the wrong brush? Applying eyehadow in the wrong place? But I needn't have worried as Lynette and her team made me feel totally welcome and relaxed ready for my transformation…

About Lynette

Lynette started her career over 18 years ago on a three year media makeup and fashion photography makeup course after encouragement from her friends whose make up she would do on a regular basis, and soon found herself in the fast paced world of fashion shows and bridal fairs as lead makeup artist.

But it was always high fashion she wanted to be involved in, and so set her sights on London Fashion Week which she achieved 3 years later, followed swiftly by work for MTV and Polydor records and has been a regular in bridal and fashion magazines ever since. During this time she found her passion was for educating people - on skin tone, on eye colour, application techniques, what suits them, textures and simple to achieve looks. So after a long search for the perfect location, the salon in Knutsford is where Lynette sees all this come together in one place. 

The Lynette Page product range is a beautifully crafted brand, designed by Lynette herself – from all the formulations to the packaging - and as well as products for people like me, she also has pro-palettes for makeup artists which she uses in her certified MUA Academy training courses.

She uses the laws of Colour Theory and her ethos is simplicity - to allow us each to have a core make up kit that compliments our skin tone (cool or warm), shade and eye colour; each of her products is labeled with either a "W" or a "C" so you know it will work for you – taking the guesswork and complexity out of choosing products!

Give your lips some 'Love' this summer!

The makeup bar sits half way up Minshull Street and it's big uncluttered windows allow as much natural daylight as possible to flood in which is perfect for applying makeup. The contemporary designed interior follows these clean lines with one central Makeup Bar table, and mirrored wall cabinets showcasing her full range of products including her bespoke Taklon fibre brush sets and silk Faux Lashes, whilst upstairs the Academy offers pro-training, hair ups and wedding makeup.

My stylist was the lovely Katie who took me through every step of the makeover explaining in detail about each product - tone, shade and colour - and the techniques she was using. All the foundations are based on the same formulation – light touch, matte finish with a slight glow but it's the shade range that is impressive – from the palest to the darkest and either warm tone or a cool tone. I am being educated!

After thoroughly cleansing, Katie set to work on preparing my skin with primer to even out pores, followed by a liquid concealer matched to my skin tone (Lynette Page Warm 100) around my eyes and on any red patches using a brush to apply.

Eye shadow application has always been a mystery to me but Katie took me through it step by step – which brush to use, my own eye shape and where to start – working the darker colour into the eye socket then finishing off with the cream eye liner using one of the brushes from Lynette's own collection.

The eye shadow palettes are grouped around Colour Theory again, based on the colour of your eyes, and is developed from a highly pigmented milled powder that absorbs oils, doesn't crease or flake and goes on like a cream. My eye palette was the "Green Eyes" palette used with the Define and Sketch palettes and each colour can be removed easily to personalise it – how often are you left with one or two colours you never use in an eyeshadow palette?

By Night Intensify Palette for the party goers

Next Katie takes me through foundation choice – this can be tricky to get right too – so top tip from Katie is to test some on your jawline (not the back of your hand!) – and blend it in just above and below. If it disappears without leaving that classic "tide mark" we all hate to see, then that's the right shade for you. And always use a brush to blend it in to the skin – not only does it save on makeup but it also gives a flawless even finish! That's me told…!

Lynettes entire range of products are custom made in Europe to her own specific formulation and ensures that all products are paraben, sulphate and cruelty free; it's taken nearly 4 years to perfect the foundations and she is still innovating new blends and defining new colours to add to the range. It's a process she says that has fascinated her from early in her career – textures, colours, combinations, pigments, etc. For example, none of her foundations contain an SPF – why? Because when you use flash photography the light bounces off the pigment and creates a white glare (so use moisturiser with an SPF in!).

To finish off she applied a light dusting of her specially formulated translucent face powder - designed to absorb oil (there's a bronzer, translucent powder and coverage powder), and have been milled several times meaning no cake finish and also won't show up under a camera flash.

Lynette's silk like Faux Lashes finish off the look!

If you're not sure which look to go for, the Look Book offers everything from Femme Fatale to the Film Noir! Lynette also offers Private Makeup Lessons if you've hit a bit of a rut in your make up routine, and something for the Teens & Tweens – how to achieve a natural finish without looking too 'made up' (£45.00) – which will keep mum happy too. For the ladies who lunch there is an 'In Adv' Membership too – priority pop-ins for two (£50.00/month) or four make-ups (£95.00/month) in a month for those special lunches or events where you want to look your best! Any one for tennis?

Pop those summer colours with Holiday Romance Lip Gloss!

I certainly left feeling like I had been thoroughly pampered and delighted with a new summer colour palette for my eyes and lips, and had plenty of compliments that evening!

Find out more here: Lynette Page Make Up Artistry

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