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Weapons for Winter Skincare

Weapons for Winter Skincare

For many people, the cold clear days of winter bring more than just a rosy glow to the cheeks; they can also bring uncomfortable dry skin on your face, hands, and feet..

Sometimes, the problem is much worse than just a general tight, dry feeling. They get skin so dry it results in flaking or cracking skin - even eczema. Here are some really handy top tips for you to help look after your delicate skin during the harsh winter months.

1. Hydrate

Yes! As in the summer time, drinking lots of water really does benefit your overall health and the moisture levels of your skin from the inside, so still try and get those 2 litres a day down you and you'll not only see, but feel the benefits. On the outside, central heating pays havoc with our skin - so invest in a humidifier to counteract the dry air and replace lost moisture.

2. Protect

Even in the winter its important to wear sunscreen because although it's cold, the skies tend to be clear and the sun's harmful UV rays responsible for premature ageing and skin cancer are still strong. Choose a moisturiser with a built in sunscreen so you don't have to think about the seasons - you will always be protected from the direct rays and snow glare! 

3. Moisturise

You can really help your skin by 'feeding' it extra nutrients during the winter months. Switching to mild products will be gentler and more soothing to the skin, and avoid products with alcohol which will strip your skin of its natural oils. If you like to use a scrub and mask then try a gentler one for the winter, and a deeply hydrating mask rather than a clay based one which will draw out your natural oils.

Increase your moisturising with a good oil based cream which will give you an extra boost if you're feeling dry - try avocado, evening primrose or almond oil rather than synthetic oil as these will really feed your skin from the inside rather than sitting on the surface like Bellissimo's 4 Step Superskin Kit with gentle botanical ingredients.

4. Chapped Lips

Lips can become really dry, chapped and sore during the winter. Keep them soft and supple by brushing them gently with a toothbrush and Vaseline to remove dry skin. Follow with a vitamin E lip balm to re-hydrate and keep soft and smooth and keep your lip balm with you and re-apply through the day when needed. We love Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Intensive Lip Repair Balm.

Nourish your lips often throughout the day

5. Hands & Feet

Don't forget your poor hands and feet as they are more susceptible to becoming dry and chapped during this time, especially hands which are exposed to the harsh elements. Always wear gloves when you go out in the cold and use a good rich hand cream regularly.

For an extra nourishing treat, apply a thick layer at night and pop on some cotton gloves! Poor feet that get stuck in boots need some TLC too, so give them a good scrub to remove and hard, dry skin and apply a rich foot cream and a pair of cotton socks overnight for super smooth baby soft feet when you wake up! We found Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream soothing and not too heavy.

Wind and rain can make hands feel dry and chapped 

 6. Overheating

Although it's tempting to have a long hot soak in the evening, try not to stay in a super hot bath or shower for too long as we destroy the skins protective natural lipid barrier which protects us from harmful external elements. If you stay in long enough to get pink and wrinkly - you've been in too long!!

7. Warm up & Protect 

Good news ladies! Did you know that cocoa beans are powerful antioxidants? Warming up with a nice hot mug of cocoa will feed your body with these antioxidants which will help improve your skin, increase bloodflow, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and help muscles recover after exercise.

If you have a cup per day for 3 months your skin will be noticeably softer and feel more moisturised! All that and it tastes amazing - so you can think of it as a wonderful chocolatey treat that's good for your overall health!! Try organic Greene & Blacks Hot Chocolate for a smooth winter warmer!

8. Detox

Overdoing it during the festive period has an adverse effect on not only your skin, but your health in general. So if you are still feeling sluggish and tired, and your New Years exercise resolutions are already a distant memory, try a detox to deep clean from within - shift the extra pounds you've picked up, raise your energy levels and make your skin look fabulous!

You get rid of your sugar and carb cravings and really clear out your digestive system making your whole body more efficient at absorbing nutrients. Your water intake also increases which is always good! Another good way to detox is by investing in a good juicer like the Nutribullet, and doing a fruit & veg detox diet!

By Jane Bellis, Bellissimo Beauty

Find out more information here: Bellissimo by Jane Bellis
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